Are you an entrepreneur who wants to let the local community know about the awesomeness of your products, services and customer service?

We, at Advertise in Ottawa, are here to help. We offer you tools to:

  • network with like-minded people,
  • build an online and offline presence,
  • advertise,

and all at a low cost.

Our goal is to leverage the group’s knowledge, know-how, resources, and networks, to save money, and make more money.

You are interested in networking with other business owners without having to commit hundreds of dollars in annual membership fees? See how here.

You are interested in growing your online and offline presence? Read more about it here.

But this is just the beginning. We also save from each other’s preferred pricing on certain products and services.

Last, but not least, we build more awareness and trust about our businesses, which eventually lead to growth. By supporting each other, we make our community stronger.

Join us today!

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