Client portfolio

Over the years, Advertise in Ottawa, has helped many clients build or grow their online and/or offline presence. Here is an excerpt of some of them:

Orléans Chamber of Commerce (OCC)

The Orléans Chamber of Commerce gives the local business community the tools they need to grow their business within the community and beyond.

The OCC website was redesigned by Advertise in Ottawa, and is hosted on Advertise in Ottawa’s server.

This is a secure website, where all communications between the client and the server are encrypted for greater security. It hosts a members directory, supports online registration for membership and online payment using OCC’s preferred gateway.

This site is maintained by OCC staff.


  • very rich, premium, WordPress theme (loaded with functionality; extremely user-friendly with the OCC staff for maintenance),
  • SSL technology,
  • external payment gateway (for all online financial transactions; no credit card information is stored on OCC’s site).

NOTE : on August 14, 2015, this site was migrated to a platform dedicated to Chambers of Commerce and in use by other Chambers in the National Capital Region. This site is no longer hosted on Advertise in Ottawa’s server.

screenshot of orleans chamber of commerce home page

Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA)

The Canadian Association for Photographic Art promotes the art and science of photography in all its forms, throughout Canada and the world.

CAPA’s website was redesigned by Advertise in Ottawa, and is hosted on Advertise in Ottawa’s server.

This is a 100+ page website, with many high quality, high resolution photo galleries. Online registration for membership and online payment are handled via an external membership directory, which is interfaced with the CAPA website. The website also integrates with a comprehensive photo competition software. CAPA members have access to a members only area.

This site is maintained by CAPA staff (approx. 20 individuals, who update the items which fall under their area of responsibility: galleries, news, competitions, etc.).


  • a premium photographic WordPress theme, which has been extensively customized to meet CAPA’s requirements,
  • an external membership directory (for online registration and payment; no credit card information stored on CAPA’s site),
  • a premium photo gallery software,
  • a comprehensive, one of a kind, photo competition software (developed by one of CAPA’s members for himself, and his photographic club, which was integrated to CAPA’s website in early 2013),
  • approx. 20 staff, and 400+ members (as of mid-2013).

View testimonial from Jacques S. Mailloux, former President of CAPA
screenshot of canadian association of photographic art home page

Miracle League of Ottawa

The Miracle League aims to provide special-needs children, young adults and adults the opportunity to play the game of baseball (and other sports) on a purpose-built, “Miracle Field”.

The Miracle League of Ottawa website was designed by Advertise in Ottawa, and is hosted on Advertise in Ottawa’s server.

The site was launched in November 2013 to build awareness and help raise funds towards the completion of what would be the 2nd Miracle League in Canada. Ottawa’s Miracle League, which will be built in Orléans (East of the National Capital), will also include a play structure, which will make it the first of its kind in Canada.

This site is maintained by Advertise in Ottawa.


screenshot of miracle league of ottawa home page

Guide Jeux En Ligne (GJEL)

The Guide Jeux En Ligne website was designed by Advertise in Ottawa at the request of a French affiliate marketer when France partially legalized online gambling. It is part of a small network of sites, all belonging to the same affiliate marketer, and all designed by Advertise in Ottawa.

Note that none of these sites are hosted with Advertise in Ottawa, as our servers are located in the US where online gambling is illegal (although the websites do not offer gambling, per se).

The GJEL website offers gambling related materials (reviews, tutorials, how tos, legal information for players domiciled in France, etc.), along with suggestions on safe and reputable online casinos, poker rooms and betting partners to play with.

This site is fully maintained by its owner. At its peak, in 2012, this site had more than 600 pages of content, and had an Alexa ranking of just above 100,000.


  • a premium WordPress theme, which has been extensively customized to meet the client’s requirements,
  • a simple, yet effective implementation of affiliate marketing. 
screenshot of guide jeux en ligne home page


Studio Coraleme aims to provide a unique experience by helping individuals rest, relax, recharge their body and rekindle their spirit.

The Coraleme website was developed by Dream a Design, and is hosted with Advertise in Ottawa.

This website is very recent, but it is expected to grow substantially over the next few months, and Advertise in Ottawa is proud to have been chosen to drive this project. Eventually, Coraleme will offer its members tutorials, workshops, and many other valuable resources in its members only area.


  • a proprietary WordPress theme, built exclusively for Coraleme. 
pic of coraleme splash page

Admin Is Me (AIM)

Admin Is Me offers a variety of administrative services to businesses in Canada and the US.

This website, which was designed by Advertise in Ottawa, and is hosted on Advertise in Ottawa’s server, is fully maintained by the business owner.

It is the perfect example of a light, but fully functional website. All of its content fits on 5 pages only, yet no important information is missing.


pic of adminisme home page

HelpCare Canada (HCC)

HelpCare Canada offers doula and naturopathy services in English and French to residents of Ottawa and Gatineau.

The HCC website was redesigned by Advertise in Ottawa in the summer of 2013, and is hosted on the Advertise in Ottawa server.

Every piece of content exists in English and in French, and the visitor can easily switch from one language to the other from anywhere on the site. It is just as easy for the business owner to update her content in either language, as the mapping between all the elements (pages, menus, etc.) is managed by the site. The site offers its visitors the opportunity to register online for the workshops, but also to pay online for them. It also has a small e-commerce component.



screenshot of helpcare canada home page
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