Online presence

As more and more shoppers search online for our products and services, having an online presence is no longer a luxury.

Even if some shoppers are still reluctant to make their purchases online and pay online, they do however shop online. By shop, we mean perform their due diligence:

  • look at the specifications of the products and services they are looking for,
  • compare prices, warranties, delivery times, etc.,

and ultimately make their buying decision.

So even if we do not want, or we just cannot sell online, we need to be online. We need to be online to have a chance to be considered when the shopper makes his due diligence.

But most of us don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a website.

We, at Advertise in Ottawa, give you the opportunity to have your website for the sum of $150 + $15 per month only. This price includes:

  • the installation of a self-hosted version of WordPress, the very popular platform with over 60 million installations worldwide, with its standard theme,
  • the initial configuration of your site (to make it more secure, easier to maintain, bilingual),
  • the creation and loading of up to 5 pages: home page, products and services, contact, frequently asked questions, terms and conditions (you provide the material to be posted, text and up to 10 images),
  • the creation of the same in French (you provide the material to be posted too),
  • the setup of up to 5 email addresses,
  • the hosting and mandatory maintenance, such as applying security updates (monthly fee of $15).

Optionally, and for an extra fee, we can assist you with:

  • the choice of a domain name,
  • the design of a logo,
  • the installation of a different site layout,
  • the installation of specific functionality.

You can have as much or as little control over your website as you want.

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